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Monday, 28 February 2011

Elken Pure POE (Manual)

Retail Price:
RM3,413 per unit

Water is important for many of our daily activities. In fact, 99% of household water used in homes is ‘working’ water. Though it is important to use clean water for those activities, many conventional water treatment systems cannot filter chlorine, ammonia and heavy metals as they consist of a single medium such as sand or fibre.
Architected with the best technology and types of media, Bio Pure POE is a specially designed multi-media filter which can effectively reduce most of the contaminants to provide you clean water for your family’s use. Bio Pure POE can reduce sediment, odour, chlorine, ammonia and soluble heavy metals while inhibiting bacterial growth. Using a reverse water flow called backwashing, it also has a screening method to clear contaminants trapped within the filtration system.

Size (Height x Diameter):40 x 9 inches (approx)
Tank Material:Outer – FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Inner – Polyethylene food grade material
Filtration Media:Multi-media – 4 superior grade media

For more information, please visit www.whatsH2O.com

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