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Monday, 28 February 2011

Elken Dr Diet

Your Solution to Lifelong Weight Management
Skipping meals, starvation, extreme exercises – sound familiar?

As most dieting methods emphasise on very low calorie intake and rapid weight loss, they often depress our metabolic rate and cause extreme water, muscle loss, fatigue and health problems, to boot! Worse, the weight often rebounds later on. With Dr Diet’s moderately low-calorie weight management programme, you can now lose, maintain or gain weight in a healthy, flexible and safe way. It is designed to break down fat through mild ketosis while maintaining the metabolic rate, thus weight loss is not caused by loss of water or lean muscles and weight rebound will not be experienced.
One of the greatest advantages about Dr Diet is its flexibility. With Dr Diet, you can still consume at least 1 normal meal daily, so there’s no need to starve, endure food cravings or forgo all lunch or dinner appointments. Dr Diet also maintains you in the peak of health and energy as it is formulated based on the Asian Food Guide Recommendation and contains many essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.
The efficacy of Dr Diet is such that a clinical study by Johns Hopkins University of Medicine showed that men lost an average of 30kg and ladies 21kg over a 16-week period. This formula is also used in major hospitals, recommended by over 15,000 physicians in US and used by over a million consumers.

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