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Monday, 28 February 2011

Elken Palace Prime

Retail Price:
RM245 (20 bottles)

The Fountain of Male Vitality
Since ancient times, the Chinese have used herbs to nourish the body, strengthen the ‘chi’ energy and balance the entire body system for optimal health. This holistic approach is preventative in nature and endears itself to modern men’s health concerns since the onset of a disease or illness if often a combination of many factors, including bad lifestyle habits, improper diet and living in an increasingly unfavourable environment.
Palace Prime is a unique, alcohol-free herbal tonic that is derived from ancient imperial wisdom dating back some 500 years. Harvested from Mount Changbaishan in China, 8 precious herbal ingredients including Pilose Antler, Ciwujia, Morinda Root and Desert Living Cistanche are used in an exclusive formulation highly concentrated for maximum potency and effectiveness to enhance energy levels, strengthen the body, reinforce male vitality and promote general health.
Palace Prime is conveniently bottled in miniature vials for consumption and does not require preparation or boiling. It is also certified halal and does not contain alcohol, steroids, erectogenic agents or artificial colouring.

Recommended Consumption:

Adult (male only) - 1 bottle twice daily

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