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Monday, 28 February 2011

Elken Dr Xeniji

Retail Price:
RM121 (6 sachets)
RM255 (15 sachets)
RM719 (145g Jar)

Unleash Your Inner Potential
According to Dr. Shingoro Matsuura, 60% of the DNA is inherited while 40% is influenced by lifestyle or external environmental factors. Through 30 years of biotechnology research, Dr. Shingoro Matsuura developed a broad-spectrum enzyme catalyst from over 50 types of fruits and vegetables fermented for more than 1000 days (of 3½ years) to release the inherent potential in humans.
Dr-Xeniji does not just contain micro-fine nutrients and enzymes, but also enzyme co-factors and co-enzymes that boost the activity of all the enzymes working in our bodies to enhance metabolism which controls growth and development as well as improve energy levels, digestion, cellular repair and immunity.
The complete fermentation period over 1000 days ensures that the nutrients are completely broken down to resemble the process of digestion and absorption in the body. Clinical studies have been conducted using Dr-Xeniji in collaboration with several hospitals show that consumption can promote healthy growth and development, increase immunity, delay premature ageing and reduce free radical activity and abnormal growth of cells by stimulating enzyme and antioxidant activity in organs.
As Dr-Xeniji is specially developed for pregnant women, it is suitable and completely safe for anyone, including pregnant mothers, babies, the elderly and the infirm.

Adult = 1-2 sachet(s) / 4 spoons a day
Child = 1 sachet / 2 spoons a day
Pregnant Women = 2 sachets / 4 spoons a day

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