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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Elken Kington Isotonic

Retail Price:

RM266 (30 ampoules)
RM91 (Nasal Spray - single)
RM163 (Nasal Spray - twin)

Kington Life Plasma is not any seawater. It is harvested from an exclusive plankton bloom vortex where ecological interactions produce 83 types of bioavailable elements that are predigested by oceanic plankton. As humans need at least 70 types of minerals to maintain a balanced composition of our body fluid, Kington Life Plasma is able to restore the balance in our internal environment by providing these trace elements in full spectrum and balanced composition. The minerals are also in bioavailable crystalloid forms which allow easy absorption.

Kington Life Plasma was first discovered by Rene Quinton, a French scientist, biologist, physiologist and humanitarian. It has been used for over 100 years and is supported by extensive clinical documents proving its physiological benefits. By providing the body with essential trace elements for the transmission of electromagnetic energy, cellular communication can be enhanced, thus leading to better health and performance.

Helps in desease treatments such as:

Eczema, Turbeculosis, Athrepsia (marasmus), Psoriasis, Dermatitis etc

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